Aware of our responsibilities, we are mindful of having a structured and proactive approach in the quality management and the sustainable development, and we consider the safety of the people and property among our objectives.
+ Quality and certification
+ Sustainable development
+ Safety


Our idea of quality focusses on customer satisfaction and the personalised experience you benefit from throughout your customer experience.
This commitment embodies every perception you have of us: the quality and reliability of our products, our processes, our exchanges.
You satisfaction is our priority
We carry out surveys on your customer journey and experience. We convert them into actions to bring the required improvements.
We communicate this knowledge to all our teams so that they can be involved in improving your satisfaction at every point of contact.
95% of customers recommend us


The 2017 customer satisfaction survey is an illustration of your trust. 95% of you recommended our products and services.

Expertise at your service

Trust is not a given, it has to be built. That is why we put qualified teams permanently trained to adapt to your needs at your service. Every DOGA employee is an expert in their field and will be involved by your side in a close relationship.


DOGA product premium quality

DOGA supplies non-negotiable optimum quality products thanks to checks throughout the life cycle, from design, through production, delivery and sales with their associated services. They meet your requirements and cover a wide range of specific needs.

The DOGA quality management system
DOGA’s responsibility policy is supported by robust and continually improved quality management.
This commitment is founded on the best professional practises according to the ISO 9001 standard. Compliant with these requirements since 1996, the DOGA quality management system certification was renewed in 2017, compliant with the new 2015 reference.
All levels of the business are infused with the absolute need to enhance our reliability and, as a result, your customer satisfaction.


DOGA ISO 9001 Certification


Certificat ISO 9001
Issued by: AFAQ
Reference: 2015
Valid: from 07/2020 through 07/2023
Scope: Maurepas head office - 78 - FRANCE
Field: Sale, trading, installation, integration and maintenance of products and design  and mechanical production.






We believe that economic growth goes hand in hand with an ecological and social approach. That is why we have adopted responsible management and imagine solutions to help you limit the impact of your activity on the environment.


Solutions to reduce your waste, and therefore your costs
DOGA offers solutions that allow you to have a more sustainable approach to production while making savings.
Example of energy performance optimisation:
Diviseur à commande numériqueTsudakoma digitally controlled dividers reduce your cycle time by half. They consume less energy thanks to their low friction made possible by an innovating bearing system.





Example of reduced waste and raw material consumption:
étau 5 axes à serrage concentriqueLANG 5-axis vises make it possible to pick a highly accurate part from only 3 mm of material. The use of Mako-Grip® vises considerably reduces the amount of waste you produce, the amount of raw materials you buy and your unit costs.




Our contribution to reducing waste and energy consumption
DOGA is committed to supplying you products that were produced in conditions that are as environmentally friendly as possible and strives to comply with the strictest social and ethical standards.

In the context of our project to make our mechanical production more responsible, DOGA takes material action.


Travaux de rénovationWe have invested heavily in the refurbishment of our Maurepas site in the Paris area. The works was completed in the course of 2020.
The production zone was equipped with cutting edge machinery, the offices were modernized and the building get a new insulating thermal shell to fight against energy losses.




Réduction des déchets

DOGA processes 62 tonnes of metal every year on the Maurepas site in the Paris area. The production process generates masses of steel and aluminium swarf when the parts are manufactured. Thanks to the investments made, the quantity of metal waste has dropped.





Waste collection and recycling
DOGA has chosen the ECOSYSTEM programme for the collection and recycling of WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment).
“ECOSYSTEM” is an eco-organisation that has a public interest mission. It is approved by the French public authorities under the terms defined by article R543-197.
In compliance with the provisions of the French Environment Code covering professional waste (art. R543-195 and following), this service allows you to benefit from an effective, responsible and free management of your old equipment purchased from DOGA.
Logo ECOSYSTEM All you need to know about the collection and recycling of your WEEE with ECOSYSTEM on




Industrial machinery and processes generate risks and can be at the origin of incidents that have serious consequences on property, people or the environment.

DOGA tools are designed and selected to help you sustainably install safety for your operators, installations and processes.


Tools in line with your requirements

Marquage CE

The equipment sold by DOGA is covered by European certifications (CE). It is specially designed and tested to make sure it meets your requirements in terms of risk.




How do we contribute to your safety?
We do not limit ourselves to legislative safety, we strive to eliminate or reduce potentially dangerous applications and environments to a minimum. We make your working environment safer thanks to reliable design and the generalisation of ergonomic solutions.


Prévention des TMS

Technical solutions limit the harmful effects of repeated gestures and of vibrations. DOGA meets this immense social and economic challenge by making increased productivity compatible with better working conditions.
DOGA has in particular developed a wide range of torque reaction arms that prevent muscular-skeletal disorders (MSD), for better everyday risk management.



Nettoyage automatisé des machines outils

Using the Helico automated cleaning system, the safety of machine-tool operators is guaranteed, because the swarf and lubricants remain inside the machine. You limit the number of accidents caused by the use of a blower.




Cagoule de soudage RAPOX

The DOGA welder’s helmets are a highly effective protection from harmful UV radiation while remaining exceptionally comfortable to use.