Together, we can grow your skills and improve your business’s performances
Subject to deep changes and intense quality and profitability pressures, the reliability of your equipment is essential. Your performance depends on your capability of using the potential of your equipment to the maximum.
Training has a determining influence on your adaptation to the changing industrial market.
DOGA, by means of its training subsidiary, the CEFTI, proposes specialised training focussed on its trades and based on 3 types of viewpoint:
⦁    Theoretical to develop high level technical skills.
⦁    Technical or practical to use your machines and equipment to their utmost or to know how to maintain them.
⦁    Audit and Consultancy to have bespoke advice and have efficient production processes.
Logo Formation CEFTI
The study and training centre for industrial techniques (CEFTI) is a declared training body managed as a non-profit organisation. The CEFTI is a reference in the assembly, machining, welding and high torque bolting and hydraulic equipment industry.


We offer a wide selection of sessions which make it possible for you to optimise your performances and which will meet your needs:  
⦁    Increase skills and expertise levels.
⦁    Acquire specialist know-how.
⦁    Control your production, checking or inspection operations.
⦁    Analyse your production processes or any encountered failures.
⦁    Be advised on your work methods.
⦁    Have an external view of your activity.
Who are the CEFTI professional courses for?
The training centre identifies your needs to meet your objectives by proposing bespoke courses that adapt to your activities, your experience and your constraints.
⦁   Experienced engineers and managers
⦁   Maintenance technicians
⦁   Mechanics
⦁   Supervisors
⦁   Operators
⦁   Buyers
⦁   New arrivals in industry
From initiation to the most advanced levels, these courses combine theoretical knowledge and operational control of products and solutions.
Training courses adapted to your needs
« Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn» Benjamin Franklin


Formations techniques CEFTI

We support your growth and help to keep your skills at the top level, using original, applied training solutions directly relevant to the reality you are confronted with. 

Our training programmes are designed to teach fundamental, theoretical and practical knowledge of process instrumentation, industrial application techniques, control, servicing and maintenance of equipment with a specific focus on good practises.   

Our teaching approach consists in combining theory lessons with practical training for real experience. Practical learning is made easier by demonstrations that may vary depending on the course location and the operating conditions.
To be closer to you, our instructors provide intra-company courses all over France.

To better meet your expectations, we offer bespoke courses adapted to your applications and the specifics of your equipment.
Our teaching team is attentive to you:

⦁    Before the course:
Your instructor adapts the course content to your objectives and strategy.
⦁   During the course:
Your instructor gathers your expectations at the beginning of the course and remains permanently attentive to adapt and rhythm the course.
⦁    After the course:
We carry out quality control on our services using satisfaction surveys that make it possible to validate the contribution of the course.
A targeted course programme
Our training catalogue covers all the following trades: assembly technology, machining, welding, bolting and hydraulic equipment.
The specialised offer covers the theory, the use of DOGA equipment, maintenance and also consultancy. 
Formation théorique CEFTI

Theoretical course

⦁    To acquire general notions of an industrial speciality.
⦁    Understand different techniques.
⦁    Acquire skills in the choice and use of your equipment.
Teaching methods:
The training sessions are organised by alternating theoretical parts illustrated using many examples and practical sessions (exercises and hands on). 
Assessment methods:
⦁    MCQ test at the beginning of the course. 
⦁    Summary at the end of the course depending on the MCQ at the beginning of the course.
⦁    On the spot individual end of course assessment sheet.  
Formation technique DOGA

Technical training

⦁    To optimise production resources.
⦁    To implement advanced functions.
⦁    Learn to use equipment in the best conditions.
Teaching methods:
The training sessions are built around many examples and practical applications (handling and experimenting on a work station).  
Assessment methods:
⦁    Check of acquired knowledge on work stations depending on the hands on possibilities. 
⦁    On the spot individual end of course assessment sheet. 
Maintenance industrielle CEFTI


⦁    Maintain, troubleshoot, repair your tools and installations.
⦁    Carry out repair operations in an optimised time line.
⦁    Have increased autonomy by taking over your maintenance yourselves.
⦁    Increase your equipment service life.
Teaching methods:
The training sessions are built around many examples and practical applications (handling and experimenting on a work station). 
Assessment methods:
⦁    Check of acquired knowledge on work stations depending on the hands on possibilities. 
⦁    On the spot individual end of course assessment sheet. 
Audit et conseil CEFTI

Audit and Consultancy

⦁    Optimise the performances of your production process.
⦁    Carry out modernising projects (retrofit - process audit).
⦁    Analysis of the existing situation.
⦁   Identification and definition of needs.
⦁   Consultancy and expertise to define the target trajectory.
⦁    Audit report.


NB: The support proposed by our specialised instructors cannot use the company training budget (in France).


Our expert instructors


Formateurs expert CEFTI

Our instructors will offer you programmes that reflect all our expertise, our experience and our know-how.
Our teaching teams are composed of qualified instructors who are experienced in the selection, installation and maintenance of our products.
They are specialised in your sector of activity and profit from years of experience acquired from the close links they have with our customers. These sustained exchanges have allowed us to acquire an in-depth and unique understanding  of the processes and challenges that are specific to each main industrial issue.
The CEFTI the industrial technique study and training centre
Certification DATADOCK
Meets the 21 quality criteria required by DataDock.


Our technical courses are provided by the CEFTI (Industrial technique study and training centre). This organisation is the subject of a declaration (existence number 11.78.00058.78) and is DataDock certified which means it can be recognised by the approved bodies that collect training funds (in France)  (OPCA, ADEFIM, ...). All businesses subject to continuing professional training can request full or partial assignment of the proposed course costs (in France).
Our courses are customised and adapted to your objectives.
Le CEFTI est un organisme de formation déclaré et est référencé DataDock.
Our courses can be paid for in the context of your professional training plan according to your budget (not including consultancy services).
The results of the customer survey on CEFTI courses show your satisfaction. (95% in 2017).
The biggest industrial order givers trust us.


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