Company history

During the past 3/4 of a century, DOGA structured itself and was able to gradually acquire the business expertise that it has today. This know-how has made DOGA an SME that is recognised for its product and service quality.
The “thirty glorious years”, a favourable environment for business creation

The DOGA story began when France was re-building after World War II.

In that strong growth context, the business participated in industry’s extraordinary technological expansion that was fuelled by import licences.

1946 Hounsfield, Desouches et Marion



The company was created by Hugh Robert HOUNSFIELD, Claude Maxime DESOUCHES and Marcel MARION. DOGA, chaired by Hugh Robert HOUNSFIELD, specialised in the import and marketing of tools and was located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.
1953 DOGA rue Dupleix PARIS



Installation in the Rue Dupleix in Paris. The “D” in DOGA comes from the first letter of the street name.
DOGA Boulogne 92



Transfer to Boulogne-Billancourt (92).


Diversification of the product offer
In a drive to meet its customers’ changing needs, the business began the process of diversifying its product offer. DOGA added additional fields of expertise such as welding and machining, while imagining a specialist approach.
1955 DOGA Soudage



Start of the welding activity.
1960 Acier Stubs



Beginning of the marketing of genuine Stubs® steel in France.
1968 DOGA Trappes 78



Transfer to Trappes (78). DOGA left the inner Parisian suburbs to move onto an industrial estate in order to have more storage space.
1968 Activité Usinage  


The start of the Machining activity was a new direction of growth and success.


From the distribution to the production of technical machinery for industry
DOGA continued its often exclusive, high added value product distribution activity. To mitigate the turmoil in the world economy caused by the oil crisis, in parallel it began to design and develop it own products.
1971 Meuleuse pneumatique NAG



NPK brand NAG air grinders were marketed in France for the first time.
1973 Centre de formation CEFTI



Creation of the industrial technique study and training centre (CEFTI) managed as a non-profit organisation in order to provide continuing training for its staff and its customers.
1974 Emménagement à Maurepas (78)



Installation in Maurepas (78).
1975 Claude Maxime Desouches  


Claude Maxime DESOUCHES becomes the Chairman of the Board
Acquisition of HOUNSFIELD Fils, a company specialised in general mechanics tools.
1976 logo DOGA  


DOGA strengthens its visual identity by creating its logo.
1978 DOGA Lyon  


Opening of a branch in the Lyon region.
1980 Forets PRESTO  


Marketing in France of PRESTO brand high speed steel drill bits.
1981 Jean Augsburger PDG  


After a career as Sales Director, Jean AUGSBURGER takes on the role of Chairman of the DOGA board.
1981 Pied de perçage et pied magnétique ROTABROACH  


Marketing for the 1st time in France of ROTABROACH brand drilling elements and magnetic drilling elements.
1982 Développement export  


Development of the export activity.
1985 Acquisition SNH  


DOGA now manufactures its own products following the acquisition of SNH, a company specialised in hydraulics, bolting equipment and precision mechanics.
1986 Visseuses DELVO  


DELVO brand screwdrivers that revolutionised industrial screwing marketed in France for the 1st time This product line has two major innovations:
  • The 1st current control screwdrivers which already had a control box.
  • The 1st screwdrivers with built-in suction.
1987 Visseuse hydrotension  


Marketing of hydrotension screwdrivers with or without cutting for the 1st time in France.
1989 Renvois d'axes - Crowfoot  


Marketing of standard and bespoke crowfoot heads for the 1st time in France. This innovation guarantees final bolting quality by maintaining the screwdriver’s torque and accuracy.
1990 Ravitailleur de barres SAMECA  


Marketing of the 1st SAMECA brand (later SAMSYS) short barfeeder in France.
1991 Nisshin  


Marketing of the 1st NISSHIN brand radio feeler gauge in France for adjustments during machining cycles with automatic wireless corrector updates..
1992 Fraises carbure KOBELCO  


Marketing in France of the 1st KOBELCO carbide milling tools capable of machining very difficult materials up to HRC 70.


DOGA is confronted by a world economy under strain
Despite a deteriorated economic situation, DOGA continues its growth by more than ever showing a difference in the quality of its products and services and by increasingly better adapting to the needs of industrials.


1994 Agrandissement Maurepas



Extension of the Maurepas site (78). Major investments are made to modernise and adapt operations to market and customer requirements.
1995 Bras de réaction au couple DMF



DOGA designs, manufactures and markets the 1st telescopic torque reaction arm: the DMF which was available in stainless steel.
1995 Poste de travail modulable MODUPOSTE  


1st marketing in France of modular profile structures: MODUPOSTE.
1996 Certification ISO 9001 AFAG  


First ISO 9001 certification. Eager to continuously improve its customer satisfaction and supply compliant products and services, DOGA commits to compliance with a quality management system.
1998 Bras de réaction au couple BAPER



DOGA designs, manufactures and markets the 1st torque reaction arm with pneumatic coupling: the BAPER named after its creator who at the time was the workshop supervisor (Bras à Assistance Pneumatique Émile Robbé).

1998 Site Internet DOGA  


Only 7 years after internet became widely available, DOGA created is 1st French and English web site.
2003 Jean-Airy Ausburger  


Jean-Airy AUGSBURGER is appointed Chairman of the Board.
2003 Bras de réaction au couple Slider  


DOGA designs, manufactures and markets the DOGA the 1st suspended torque reaction arm: the SLIDER. This arm was born of a customer need for an ergonomic solution to use several screwdrivers on a single work station. A plus: using a slightly sloped guide rail, the screwdrivers automatically return into position after use.
2004 Logo DOGA la technique commercialisée  


The brand adopts a new, more legible logo. It is composed:
  • Of a purely graphic part on the left that highlights the different sectors of activity targeted by the company.
  • Of the company name on the right.
  • Of its signature: “Marketed technique”.
2014 Visseuse électrique filaire GX  


DOGA launches its 1st brushless electric hard-wired screwdrivers: the GX line.


Denser international network
DOGA continues a strong growth policy by deploying the group abroad. This expansion results in the opening of 4 successive subsidiaries in North Africa and central Europe.


2006 DOGA Industrie Maroc



The DOGA Industrie subsidiary sets up in Casablanca in Morocco.
2006 étaux 5 axes à serrage concentrique LANG



Marketing of an innovating part picking solution that is capable of reducing part material costs and securing the parts: the concentric clamping LANG brand 5-Axis vise.
2007 filiale République Tcheque



The DOGA CZ subsidiary sets up in the Czech Republic.
2009 Visseuses HD  


DOGA designs, manufactures and markets the 1st hybrid electric screwdrivers: the HD line. They are fitted with a controlled pneumatic clutch. For the 1st time, this patented innovation makes it possible to have 8 different torques on a simply designed and inexpensive machine.
2010 Bras de réaction au couple Posi Control  


DOGA designs, manufactures and markets the 1st torque reaction arm with a compact position control: the posi-control.
2011 Logo DOGA Productive Solution  


In order to adapt its identity to its international growth, DOGA adopts a new signature that can be understood beyond the limits of French-speaking countries: "Productive solutions".
2011 filiale GSI en Algérie  


The Global Service Industry subsidiary sets up in Algeria.
2012 Filiale DOGA au Maroc (Tanger)  


DOGA strengthens its Moroccan operation by creating a second subsidiary: DOGA FZ in Tangier.
2013 Agence DOGA Chassieu  


Acquisition of AFLI in Chassieu (69) specialised in welding.


An economic recovery favourable to innovating and growth projects
DOGA takes advantage of this favourable position to position itself as a player in the transformation and dynamism of industry in the world. The business proposes new technology adapted to the sector’s most recent requirements. This new vitality is also the opportunity for DOGA to position itself on a new sector of expertise by deploying a hydraulic equipment and high torque bolting offer.


2015 Interface DPCTouch



DOGA launches an innovating built-in assembly sequence management interface: the DPC Touch.
2016 Activité Hydraulique



Start of the hydraulic activity with the acquisition of Hydro Tools, a company specialised in hydraulic equipment.
2017 LinkedIn DOGA  


Creation of the DOGA community on LinkedIn.  
DOGA company page 
Machning showcase
Welding showcase
Bolting and hydraulic equipment showcase
2017 Alkitronic France  


The acquisition of Alki France, specialised in high torque bolting, strengthens the Hydraulic department’s offer and results in its being renamed Bolting and hydraulic equipment department.
2018 R&D DOGA



Creation of a research and development department to speed up the marketing of innovating products in line with industry 4.0 requirements.
2018 Visseuse électrique à contrôle couple et angle MD  


DOGA designs, manufactures and markets its 1st electric screwdriver with torque and angle control: the MD.
2018 Mandrin à serrage concentrique Inoflex  


Marketing of the 1st universal bolting system: the patented InoFlex® concentric 4-jaw chuck system. It makes it possible to very accurately bolt both round and rectangular parts and parts with irregular geometry!  


The new web site makes it easy to find information from any device, 24*7!
La French Fab  


DOGA joins FrenchFab, a high-potential company collective that proudly represents an innovative French industry  


DOGA opens its subsidiary in the USA, DOGA inc!
DOGA head office - Maurepas - FRANCE  


DOGA head office located in Maurepas (78) is getting a makeover with major renovations to the facades and redevelopment of interior spaces
RC20 automation system  


Launch of our new generation machining center loading system: the RC20
BS 5C Bit socket tray  


Launch of the BS-5C color ID bit socket tray: a DOGA innovation for Industry 4.0
DOGA joins the United Nations Global Compact  


DOGA joins the United Nations Global Compact and commits to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals
2021 Ecovadis bronze medal  


DOGA is awarded by the Ecovadis bronze medal for its CSR performance
Welding robot activity  


Launch of our welding robot activity
DOGA wins the ECOVADIS silver medal  


DOGA wins the ECOVADIS silver medal which highlights our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible world
DOGA selected for the “Accélérateur Solutions Industrie du Futur” program  


DOGA is selected by Bpi France and Alliance Industrie du Futur for the “Accélérateur Solutions Industrie du Futur” program



DOGA today

Through periods of intense growth and those of economic crisis, the business has been capable of drawing its resources from its capacity to adapt and from continuous improvement to benefit its customers.

Enriched by its ¾ of a century of human and technological adventures, DOGA looks forward to the future with confidence and enthusiasm to invent tomorrow’s solutions