Bit socket trays

Would you like to improve your productivity and, above all, reduce errors in your assembly processes?
Our bit socket trays are specially designed to eliminate incorrect program selection with the selected bit.
You can link each bit with a tightening program and vice versa, depending on the operating mode.
They prevent errors by locking the screwdriver. This simplifies workstation operation considerably.
By using our bit socket trays, you can be sure of getting the job done perfectly.


• The operator is guided to select the right bit/socket for the chosen operation.
• Coding is done either by intelligent color recognition or mechanical dimensions.
• Your assembly applications are safer and more precise.

Manufacturing quality

Manufacturing quality

• All bit and socket trays feature a color display for easy parameter setting.
• They are compatible with all electric screwdrivers.
• Our R&D department is constantly developing and improving our products to bring you even greater efficiency and satisfaction.