Torque and angle control screwdriver

Straight, pistol, angle head or fixtured spindles, our torque and angle tools have no equivalence in terms of precision and ergonomics, especially for the lowest torques.
Combined with their compact and easy-to-use touch-screen controller and their supplied programming software, the displayed data are stored and easy to upload.

ParaMon softwares

ParaMon Unified

Free software ParaMon provides easy parameter setting, data monitoring & analysis compatible for all torque and angle control DC tools as MD, MDT, BM, BMT series.
It is available in 2 variants:

ParaMon III

PC software for network tools management, setup and backup via an integrated database – dedicated to torque and angle tools and ParaMon-Pro X controllers.

ParaMon Unified

PC software for parameters setup and real time monitoring – only for torque and angle tools.


Download the ParaMon software according to your needs >

Torque and angle control screwdrivers and spindles special microtorque MD series mini


Visseuses asservies spécial microcouple série MD 22 mini


These tools, covering torque range from 0.01 Nm to 0.2 Nm, are dedicated to microtorque applications for different industries such as watchmakers, eyewear, microelectronics, luxury or medical. Their optimized design offers exceptionnal comfort and handling, up to 2 times lighter and smaller than the smallest MD tool, with a weight of only 220 g for the straight screwdrivers and 300 g for the spindles.
Designed with the same demanding performance criteria than current MD series these screwdrivers keep the same user friendly interface with easy set up and the same features as the whole MD series


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Gamme visseuse asservie MDT