Wireless DC tools

Torque and angle wireless tools are designed in both BM current control series and BMT transducerized series to meet your quality, productivity and traceability requirements while providing you with great mobility. With their integrated programming display and their web server, they embed cutting-edge technologies resolutely in line with Industry 4.0. Available in pistol and angle head versions, transducerized or current control, they cover a torque range from 0.1 to 50 Nm.

Main feature

  • Digital torque and angle program in 15 presets and 2 multi step sequence programs
  • Models with assignable tightening strategies, batch counting and logical I/O management
  • Auto speed setting by torque
  • Monitoring fastening quality and count of screw numbers (with Paramon Pro X interface)
  • Error information by code display
  • Easy parameter setting and monitoring with ParaMon AIR (free PC software) & built-in Web server
  • Real time torque data and curve display on PC software
  • Real time fastening data output  by USB and Wi-fi
  • Modbus protocol
  • Integrated barcode scanner for automatic preset selection and tightening results traceability (depending on model)

Integrated barcode scanner

Which model to choose?

Current control or integrated torque and angle transducer?

These DC screwdrivers are the most advanced tool on the market.
Whereas the BM screwdrivers provide you with an excellent repeatabilty thanks to its current control technolgy and angle encoders the BMT series enjoys in addition a built-in torque transducer
to measure precisely and display instantly the actual torque.

They accurately measure the applied torque of each tightening point and display it directly on the tool.

This intelligent control guarantees high assembly precision and eliminates the risk of error: the real torque value is measured at each tightening and a precise speed regulation in closed loop is ensured thanks to the integrated digital angle encoder.


  • Torque target accuracy >= +/- 7% within a capability Cmk >1.67
  • Average repeatability of +/- 2%
  • Real torque monitoring
  • Not sensitive to joint type


Electric power
DC25.2V, Lithium ion battery
Swiss DC servo motor
Torque repeatability
+/- 3%
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n  2.4GHz & 5GHz dual band
Auto speed by torque setting
Data memory
65,000 data
Micro USB port
1.29” AMOLED color display
No. of preset
15 preset programing by USB or Wifi


USB connection

USB connection

  • Initial network and parameter setting, data monitoring
  • Data download from the internal memory (max 65 000)
  • Tool firmware update
Wifi connection to Paramon-Pro X

Wifi connection to Paramon-Pro X

  • Connect up to 8 BM tools
  • Error-proofing through assembly sequencing and process monitoring
  • Simple and user friendly sequence programming interface
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports - Bar code scanning (optional)
  • HDMI port for display extension
Wifi connection to PC via AP

Wifi connection to PC via AP

  • Parameter setting, data monitoring on PC with ParMon Air or custom software
  • Protocols are open for programing the custom software

ParaMon Unified software

ParaMon Unified

Free software ParaMon Unified provides easy parameter setting, data monitoring & analysis compatible for all torque and angle control DC tools as MD, MDT, BM, BMT.

•    Adjustement, backup and restore of all controller settings.
•    View, backup of tightening datas and graphs
•    Offline analysis of tightening datas and graphs


> Download the Paramon Unified software


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