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BS-5C color ID bit tray

BS-5C color ID bit tray

Code: 4-3200100

The BS-5C makes sure your operator selects the correct bit and the correct tightening program thanks to color identification. Keying is assured in an absolute way by color recognition on each bit.


No default
Bit coding by color recognition
Easy setting
Self-learning of bit color on each slot position, choice of program assignment for each bit, several languages available
Bit’s capacity
Suitable for all types of bits and sockets: halfmoon, hex. 1/4’’, (max. Ø 19 mm, length 49 to 250 mm)
Horizontal or vertical mounting, angle adjustment, visible bit footprint, rings leds around slots for easy selection, bright OLED display

Product description


It can be used in two ways: it either tells the operator which bit to use to perform the assembly operation, or it selects the tightening program associated with this bit when the operator takes a tightening bit.
Its self-learning configuration does not require machining or factory setting like most bit boxes on the market.

  • Connection with any screwdriver controller by digital I/O’s
  • Easy bits length and diameter bits positioning
  • Color self-learning for each bit position
  • Mode and program assignment for each bit
  • Available languages: French / English / Italian / German / Spanish / Czech
  • Full bit holder, to lock a slot or to be drilled specific to bit diameter
  • Bit holder for Hex. 1/4’’
  • Kit of 100 color heat-shrink sleeves

Associated products


1Commercial documentation

Cover flyer BS 5C color ID bit tray

BS 5C color ID bit tray: a smart bit box - DOC.60328

- Benefits
- Quick start guide
- Specifications

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2Technical documentation

Cover instruction manual BS 5C color ID bit tray

Instruction manual - BS-5C color ID bit tray - DOC.60327

- Information
- Starting up
- Settings
- Use
- Maintenance
- Safety
- Standards
- Annexes

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