Assembly technology

DMF 140 LPC/2000 posi control carbon telescoping arm - without clamp

Code 4-5200594

DMF 140 LPC/2000 posi control carbon telescoping arm - without clamp

Code 4-5200594

In addition to the unparalleled benefits of the design of DMF carbon fiber torque reaction telescopic arms, DMF 140 LPC/2000 is equipped with a cable position encoder. Your operators therefore necessarily respect the programmed tightening sequences. Each screw is tightened to the right couple and in the right place. It is delivered without a gripping tool.

Technical details

Max torque
140 Nm
Max load
6 kg lbs
Bench mount, 
Tool positioning system
Stroke/Working radius
2000 mm inch
Standard tool holder


Assembly quality
  • Respect of programmed tightening sequences and torques
  • Detection of screw oversights and malfunctions
  • No defects
  • Guaranteed perpendicularity of tightening
  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • Does not encumber the workflow
  • Maintenance-free
  • Longer life thanks to carbon fiber
Ease of use
  • No movement inertia and perfect recovery of torque thanks to the lightness and rigidity of carbon fiber

Product description

Thanks to its compactness, the DMF 140 LPC/2000 Posi Control carbon telescopic arm is designed to be easily installed on assembly lines that are already very congested.

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3D CAD file - DMF 140 LPC_2000 torque reaction arm - 4-5200594

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