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Bits, special bits, bits holders and accessories

Bits, special bits, bits holders and accessories

Designed for the most demanding industrial uses, our range of bits is one of the most complete on the market. It consists of a wide variety of bits (recess/drive) standard or customized, as well as bit holders, adapters and accessories. We surely have a solution to your needs.


  • More than 50 years of experience in manufacturing tightening bits
  • Ability to make specific bits for your applications when needed
  • Guarantee of high-quality materials selection
  • Mastery of experienced and efficient thermal treatments
  • Nearly 600 types of tightening bits in stock and available

Product description

A range of standard bits for all the following recesses:

embout PhillipsPhillips (PH n°00, 0, 1, 2, 3)

embout PozidrivPozidriv® (PZ n°00, 0, 1, 2, 3)

embout LameStrip (for split head screw)

 embout en PH ou en PZPhillips split (for PH / split electric screw)

 embout en PH ou en PZPozifente (for PZ / split electric screw)

embout 6 pans creuxHexagonal socket (for CHC head screws)

embout TorxTorx® (T1 to T45 recess)

embout Tamper TorxTamper Torx® (TF recess)

embout Torx plusTorx Plus® (IP recess)

embout Torx plus securityTorx Plus® Security (IPR recess)

embout CarreSquare

embout Tri-wingTri-Wing

embout Torx-SetTorqSet

embout Triple SquareTripleSquare (XZN recess)

embout SpannerSpanner

Douille pour vis tete HSockets for H-head screws

Check our FAQ if you need help selecting the right screw recess.


Several types of drive are available as standard for connection to tools without adaptation:
  • Halfmoon 4mm
  • Wing-Shank 4 mm (HIOS)
  • Hexagonal ¼ '' (C6.3 standard) to be mounted on a bit holder
  • Hexagonal ¼ '' (E6.3 standard) to be mounted directly in the chuck of the tool
Many bit holders and accessories allow you to find smart solutions:
  • E6.3 drive bit holders
        - with or without a magnetic ring (for C6.3 tip)
        - with or without a quick chuck (allowing a quick change of C6.3 bit)
  • Adapters

   Adaptateur de E6-3 à petite taille demi-lune- to change from an E6.3 drive to small bits in a Halfmoon 4mm drive.

Adaptateur de demi-lune à standard C6-3   - to change from a Halfmoon 4 mm drive to standard bits in C6.3 drive.

  • Bagues aimanteesMagnetic rings to hold the screw on the bit (free the operator's hand)


Creation of customized bits

We have the experience and ability to produce special bits off plan.
They will allow you to respond to special accessibility constraints (length, size, tightening through a mask...).
For any specific need, a questionnaire is available to facilitate communication with our services.
You can also send us a plan of your project for feasibility study.


1Commercial documentation

Industrial bits – DOC.60292

This catalog is a guide to choose the right bits. You will find screw size charts against bits models to find your way, our range and a torque tightening abacus.

Download the file in pdf

2Technical documentation

Questionnaire embouts spéciaux – DOC.40100

Ce questionnaire est destiné à permettre une étude de faisabilité en prenant en compte vos contraintes techniques et vos spécificités.

Download the file in pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bit (recess) should I choose?

bit (recess)


Which drive should I choose for my tool?

bit drive