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CELPRO | Complete workstation

CELPRO | Complete workstation

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5Cases of application


Application sheet - 3 spindles tightening workstation - DOC.60421

Workstation equipped with a fixed center distance 3 spindles fastening head. Target torque 46 Nm.
3 Stanley QBE-Advanced tightening units & axial screwdriver E34LB1-100 & specific mechanism.

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Application sheet - Assembly workstation - DOC.60415

Workstation dedicated to complex electronic equipment assembly.

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Application sheet - Box assembly station on electronic board - DOC.60403

Controlled assembly of electronic boxes on a board without forgetting screws with printing at the end of the sequence of a report label.
Improved ergonomics for assembly operations.
Cycle time saving on the tightening operation.

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Application sheet - Complete tightening workstation with in line transducerized tools - DOC.60422

Accurate tightening in vertical and horizontal position of a loom angle.

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Application sheet - Controlled assembly station - DOC.60397

Design and manufacturing of complete station equipped with HMI (DPC Touch) and presence sensor. Assembly of electric components of a charging plug unit for electric vehicle.

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Application sheet - DAMPER mounting station - DOC.60363

Station for mounting of a plastic DAMPER element on a part in an aluminum casing.
Ensure the DAMPER assembly directly in the final packaging with torque at 10 Nm with pre-tightening at 5 Nm and checking that the 4 parts have been correctly assembled.

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Application sheet - Tightening station in profile with screwfeeding systems - DOC.60456

Integrated customised screw-feed kit for fasteners assemblies on profiles with difficult access to tightening positions and automatic screw feeding systems.

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Application sheet - Tightening workstation of firing pin - DOC.60412

Tightening of firing pins on pyrotechnic grenade at 2 Nm.

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Application sheet - Truck understructure assembly station - DOC.60423

Tightening and torque reaction device covering a 6.5 meter radius with access to the tightening points located between 500 and 1300 mm from the ground with a vertical and horizontal tightening axis and a 360° rotation possible around the vertical axis.

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