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GX 045 ESD shut-off brushless electric screwdriver

Code 4-1040078

GX 045 ESD shut-off brushless electric screwdriver

Code 4-1040078

The GX 045 ESD electric straight micro-screwdriver with soft shut-off allows you to make your very low torque assemblies with precision. It is equipped with a lever start and a fast chuck type drive for 4mm half-moon bits.

Technical details

Type of screwdriver
Shut-off brushless electric screwdriver
Min Torque
0.04 Nm
Max Torque
0.45 Nm
Min speed rotation
300 tr/min rpm
Maxi speed rotation
700 tr/min rpm
Drive Size
4mm Half-moon
0.24 kg lbs
Starting system
Suitable controller
XS40D (FA)


  • Digital speed adjustment
  • Extended features
  • High reliability
  • Surge and temperature protection
  • Brushless motor (maintenance free)
  • Start, reversibility and non-contact sensor shut-off
  • Soft shut-off mechanical clutch
  • LED indicator on the screwdriver for signaling and adjustment
  • ESD-free body
  • Optimized ergonomics
  • Excellent weight / ergonomics ratio
  • Silent motor <70dBA

Product description

Equipped with a maintenance-free brushless motor, the GX 045 ESD straight micro-screwdriver with lever start is the solution for your micro-assemblies at high speeds and very low torque.
Its soft shut-off clutch is particularly suitable for assembling fragile parts.
It has advanced setting functions such as digital speed adjustment electronics.
Easily integrated on your production station, it can be locked remotely and sends the motor rotation and torque information required for counting screws.
We also offer a wide range of accessories to complete its installation (torque protection ring, suction nose, etc.).

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