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DPC Touch V2 sequencing and process monitoring interface

Do you need to monitor your screwdriving process?


Zero-fault production was already possible with the DPC Touch assembly sequence management interface developed by DOGA.
With the release of its new version: the DPC Touch V2, you benefit from all the features of the DPC Touch but even better!


Like its previous version, this tool is a real conductor for your workstations.
It is able to count, control, sequence and visualize the assembly steps.


Always as simple to use, the DPC Touch V2 gains in power thanks to the following innovative features :


  • Dynamic display of fastening position and simplified programming
  • Faster and updraded graphical interface
  • Traceability guaranteed with .csv file on the SD card
  • A programmable «parking» position signals with I/O that the tool is in a safe position clear from the work piece.
  • Automatic restart of the last job as option
  • Live access to events in progress and management of settings (Modbus TCP/IP)
  • Offline creation and modification of the jobs.


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