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Torque tester

Torque tester

DOGA EZ V4 torque testers incorporate a static torque sensor to control the torque of shut-off screwdrivers, hydro-voltage screwdrivers of all types as well as torque wrenches.

Benefits of Torque tester

  • DOGA EZ V4 torque testers incorporate an internal static torque sensor to control shut-off screwdrivers, torque wrenches
  • Static or dynamic external brush sensors can be connected to EZ torque testers to cover all the tools including pulsed ones (hydro mode)
  • EZ torque testers are equipped with statistical functions including Cm and Cmk indicators according to the AFNOR standard
  • The EZ torque tester can be placed on a horizontal worktop or fixed on a vertical plane by the side notches
  • The chassis and the facade of the testers are made of steel and they are equipped with anti-skid pads

Description of Torque tester

EZ V4 torque testers cover a torque range of 0.2 to 20 Nm.
The range consists of 3 types of torque tester:
The EZ2 V4 Torque Tester
It covers a static torque range of 0.2 to 2 Nm (+/- 2% of the measuring range)
The EZ10 V4 Torque Tester
It covers a static torque range of 1 to 10 Nm (+/- 1% of the measuring range)
The EZ20 V4 Torque Tester
It covers a static torque range of 2 to 20 Nm (+/- 1% of the measuring range)

• Mains operation (power cord included) and battery
• Battery life of 12 hours
• Memorization of 500 torque measurements timestamped
• Ability to indicate statistics on a selected sample of values
• Several modes of measurement are selectable according to the material to be tested: tightening (clockwise and counter-clockwise), initial peak, hydro (tightening and untightening)
• An external sensor input is used to connect static or dynamic brush sensors, which will control an enlarged torque range (low or high capacity sensors)
• Connect to the PC with a supplied USB cable that will allow you to recharge the EZ V4 tester and transfer the results via HyperTerminal.
• Supplied in a carrying case containing USB link cable, power supply transformer, power outlets and calibration certificate

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1Commercial documentation

Torque measuring instruments – DOC.60062

Torque testers
Torque read-outs
Torque transducers

Download the document in pdf

2Technical documentation

Manuel d’utilisation testeurs de couple EZ2 SMART, EZ10 SMART, EZ20 SMART - DOC.40816

Description du testeur
Choix du mode de mesure- application
Guide de mise en service rapide
Les menus (généraux, modes de mesure, statiques, mémoires, cachés)

Download the document in pdf