Assembly technology

Poka-Yoke counting controller

Poka-Yoke counting controller

Code 4-1074000


  • Prevention of screw oversights
  • Protection against double tightening
  • Cycle and process control (tightening time)
  • Display OK / NOK tightening
  • Display OK / NOK cycle
  • Detection of parts
  • Management of information OK / NOK part in connection with a  PLC

Product description

To ensure quality production, it is necessary to be able to count, control, order and display an assembly process. Our sequencing management tools are specially developed to suit all applications. Our POKA-YOKE Scout II controller is the ideal tool for screw counting and cycle monitoring.

Associated services

Installation and commissioning
Installation and commissioning are strongly recommended for the control and proper use of tightening and process control devices. We invite you to contact us.
Our technician will provide users with training to ensure their autonomy and will tell you the best arrangements so that you can handle yourself the necessary modifications in case of change in your applications.

In case technical assistance is needed, we invite you to contact us.
Our technician will determine from remote the origin of the fault and will indicate the best arrangements for you to perform the repair yourself.


1Commercial documentation

Electric screwdrivers - DOC.60207

DC controlled screwdrivers HD series
GX series
GY series
GX FS... series
GX...BT series
DO series
GA series
Scout Poka Yoke

Download the file in pdf


Software SCOUT manager 2 V1.40

SCOUT controller software  for parameter setting and data recording

USB driver to install - CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers

Download the file in zip

2Technical documentation

POKA-YOKE SCOUT II controller user manual - MU.60185

Main features of SCOUT
Lay out
Timing chart
Timing chart details for NG / OK set up
Cycle Start / Stop in various operating conditions
RS-232C & USB communication port
PC communication software, SCOUT II-Manager

Download the file in pdf