Assembly technology

Geared offset head

Geared offset head

Tightening operations with reduced access are becoming common due to increasing demand for compactness in the automotive and aerospace industries. Our range of standard or special crowfoot heads answer this problem.


  • Increased production speed on pre-tightening operations
  • Elimination of manual tightening
  • Improved ergonomics and less demanding task for operators
  • Pivoting geared offset heads
  • Elimination of tedious and imprecise manual operations
  • Compatible with all tightening tools

Product description

Compatible with all tools on the market, our standard or special crowfoot heads are designed according to the most demanding quality criteria (hardness of material, machining precision, assembly of bearings) to guarantee increased duration of use and optimized efficiency.
Tightening operations in reduced environments are performed more quickly and within the required accuracy tolerances.
Open crowfoot heads optimize the productivity and quality of tightening nuts on tubes (braking system, injection, etc.).
Crowfoot heads either offset or pivoting allow access to deep tightening and guarantee operator comfort.
A wide range of standard crowfoot heads is available in our catalog.
Our experts are at your disposal to solve your problems and design custom geared offset heads.

Customized geared offset heads
A questionnaire is available in the technical documentation.
It will allow you to send us your technical constraints and specificities.
Consult us!


2Technical documentation

Questionnaire renvois d'axe sur mesure – DOC.40824

Ce questionnaire est destiné à permettre une étude de faisabilité en prenant en compte vos contraintes techniques et vos spécificités.

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5Cases of application


Serrage des écrous sur un collecteur d'échappement avec une visseuse à batterie BSTA avec renvoi d'axe (BSTA-70 SD 1/2) - DOC.40653


Download the file in pdf