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Tool holsters

Tool holsters

Store and secure your tools while optimizing your operators’ comfort thanks to our range of holsters. They are easy and quick to install on a table or chassis.


  • Organized workstation
  • Easy and fast grip of the tool
  • User comfort
  • Prevention of falling tools

Product description

Our holsters are compatible with straight or angle hand-held pistol tools.
Very simple and quick to install, holsters allow you to optimize your workstation ergonomics.
The tool is stored, secure and within easy reach of the operator.
A simple accessory that actively contributes to operators’ productivity and saves you money by avoiding tool falls.


1Commercial documentation

Catalogue holsters (FR) – DOC.40808

Holster GM + support réglable
Holster PM 2 diamètres + orientable
Holster outils à batterie BST/DPTC

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