Assembly technology



A full range of load balancers to suspend and balance your portable tools from 0.2 to 160 kg.


  • Operator’s proximity to the suspended tools
  • Balanced tools
  • Reduction of payloads
  • Reduction of operator movement
  • Quick access to the tightening point
  • No breakage of tools due to falls
  • Reduced risk of musculoskeletal disorders and occupational diseases

Product description

DOGA load balancers are robust and lightweight thanks to their aluminum shells.
The cables are made of nylon or high-strength stainless steel depending on the application.
With adjustable capacity and stroke, the tools are suspended and balanced.
As movements have no inertia, operator safety and comfort are optimized.
The various tools are suspended and ordered at the workstation and automatically return to the rest position once the operation has been completed.


1Commercial documentation

Équilibreur de charge (FR) – DOC.40019

- Standard
- Pneumatique

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