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DMS – Telescopic automatic scewfeeding system

DMS – Telescopic automatic scewfeeding system

The  automatic screw feeding DMS for "DOGA Matic Spring" is equiped with a spring telescope which delivers each screw steadily to the nose of the tightening tool, the automatic screw feeding feeder allows very significant time saving particularly in the operating cycle.


  • Saves cycle time
Easy to use
  • No adjustment required
  • Robust design
  • Quiet operation without any vibration

Product description

Operating mode:

DMS Automatic screw suppliers include a hollow rocker type feeder that selects and orients the screws before transferring them into a gravity rail to the separator.
From there, a screw is blown into the pipe to the screwing nose at each request sent by the screwdriver. At the same time, a new screw is separated and fed into the blower tube.
The screw is held protruding in the screwing nose at the jaws by mechanical valves to facilitate pinning on the workpiece.
By the operator’s continuous action on the telescope, which must be in contact with the part or a support, the tightening nose releases the screw.
The pressure exerted by the operator on the tool accompanies the screw throughout the tightening process.

Product advantage:

Automatic DMS spring telescope screw feed is ideal for applications requiring self-tapping screws or threaded fasteners.
The telescopic automatic screw feeding is characterized by extreme robustness and comfort of use, being silent and without vibration.

Compatibility of the screws:

Acceptable screw sizes range from a body diameter of 2.3 to 6 mm and a body length of up to 22 mm.
The ratio head diameter / overall length should ideally be 1.5.
For smaller, larger or longer screw sizes, the pendulum device can be replaced by a vibrating bowl (feasibility study required).


Associated services

Our  after-sales service department provides installation and assistance to commissioning on your site.


1Commercial documentation


Automatic screwfeeding systems - DMS / DMA / BSF 300 / DMM / DA-100 series - DOC.60315

- Telescopic automatic screwfeeding system - DMS serie
- Auto advanced automatic screwfeeding system - DMA serie and BSF 300 serie
- Automatic screwfeeding system magnetic - DMM serie
- Automatic screwfeeding system for automation - DA-100 serie and BSF 300 A serie
- Applications

Download the file in pdf

2Technical documentation

DMS-30 telescopic automatic screw feeding user manual - DOC.40666

About DMS-30
Start up
Normal operation
After operation
Adjustment and replacement
Part list

Download the file in pdf

DMS-40 telescopic automatic screw feeding user manual - DOC.40665

About DMS-40
Start up
Part list

Download the file in pdf

Manuel d'utilisation des systèmes d'alimentation automatique de vis DMBS-501 DMBS-502 (FR) - MU.40654

A propos du DMBS-501 DMBS-502
Mode utilisation
Entretien préventif en fin d’utilisation
Réglages et remplacements des embouts

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