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STANLEY ALPHA V QBE Expert controller

STANLEY ALPHA V QBE Expert controller

Codes: 4-1501273, 4-1501274, 4-1507520, 4-1507950, 4-1507968, 4-1507969, 4-1507970

The ALPHA V QBE Expert controller can be used with EB and E series fixed and wired screwdrivers and B series cordless screwdrivers. It is easy to configure from its keyboard or from a PC or tablet.

Product description

The Expert Controller allows up to 24 tools to be managed (wired via additional Node wireless controllers) including up to 15 STANLEY wireless tools (eg 15 wireless and 9 wired tools).

A Wi-Fi connection between the controller and a device (PC, tablet) will replace a wireless tool.


• Large color touch screen and keyboard
• 255 Jobs, 99 tasks and 12 steps
• Stores trace data for 30,000 tightening cycles
• Serial port
• USB port
• Integrated PLC
• 8 In / 8 Out - 24V I / O
• Integrated TCP Modbus
• Fieldbus options: Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet and Ethernet IP


1Commercial documentation

STANLEY Alpha V « QBE » controller an E tools catalog – DOC.60296

Stop estimating your torque, measure it!
ATC and POKA-YOKE mode
“ATB” functionality and software
Alpha V standard controller
Communication and connection
Alpha V Advanced controller
Communication and connection
Alpha V Expert and Node
Technical feature
Bit socket tray and accessories
Portable E tools
E straight screwdriver
E pistol screwdriver
E angled screwdriver
E retractable axial spindle MB_F screwdriver
E retractable offset spindle MD_F screwdriver
Cable selection
E screwdriver cable
Specific screwdriver
Mounting and tightening option for E tools
Special application

Download the file in pdf


Gateway software for Alpha V QBE controllers

File :5.2.17_gateway.exe

Download the file in zip