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STANLEY ALPHA V QBE Advanced controller

STANLEY ALPHA V QBE Advanced controller

Codes: 4-1501267, 4-1501270, 4-1501271, 4-1501294, 4-1501295, 4-1507496, 4-1507676, 4-1501296

The ALPHA V Advanced Controller is a single-channel controller allowing to control all torque and angle electric screwdrivers in the QPM range, whether of E, EA, or EB type (tool range up to 2000 Nm).

Product description

Its ease of programming from the keyboard or software, its user-friendliness and its very intuitive functions make it a self-taught tool.

It can also work as a lead controller in a dual spindle system, with the addition of a Node controller.

The tightening results will be declared good or bad depending on:
• Fixed torque tolerances
• Limits of control of the tightening angle

The torque and angle values ​​measured by the tool sensor and the motor resolver (sinusoidal, accuracy +/- 0.1 °) are displayed on the controller screen, status LEDs (red / green / yellow) are lit depending on the result (upper limit exceeded, tightening OK, low limit not reached + indication C or A).


Up to 255 tightening programs can be defined.
They can each have up to 99 tasks and 12 steps (fast approach + slower final tightening) including a step of alignment to ensure that the start of the tightening takes place normally.

Memorization (as standard)

Data on the results of 30000 tightening cycles and associated traces are stored in the QB Advanced ALPHA processor.
These data are retrieved using a USB key or the ALPHA Toolbox.
SPC analyses are performed by the QB Advanced ALPHA processor on the stored data.

Its software and its connections are also preset to control a second Node controller in 'Master - Slave' mode.


1Commercial documentation

STANLEY Alpha V « QBE » controller an E tools catalog – DOC.60296

Stop estimating your torque, measure it!
ATC and POKA-YOKE mode
“ATB” functionality and software
Alpha V standard controller
Communication and connection
Alpha V Advanced controller
Communication and connection
Alpha V Expert and Node
Technical feature
Bit socket tray and accessories
Portable E tools
E straight screwdriver
E pistol screwdriver
E angled screwdriver
E retractable axial spindle MB_F screwdriver
E retractable offset spindle MD_F screwdriver
Cable selection
E screwdriver cable
Specific screwdriver
Mounting and tightening option for E tools
Special application

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Gateway software for Alpha V QBE controllers

File :5.2.17_gateway.exe

Download the file in zip