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STANLEY Alpha V QBE Specialist controller

STANLEY Alpha V QBE Specialist controller

Codes: 4-1508561, 4-1508562, 4-1508563, 4-1508564, 4-1508558, 4-1508559, 4-1508560

It is exclusively dedicated to cordless tools and allows up to 24 tools to be managed (wired via additional Node wireless controllers) including up to 15 STANLEY wireless tools (eg 15 wireless and 9 wired tools).

Product description

•  Wi-Fi connection between the controller and a device (PC, tablet) will replace a wireless tool
• 255 tasks and 99 tasks in 12 steps
• Stores trace data for 30,000 fixation cycles
• Serial port
• 8 In / 8 Out - 24V I / O
• Integrated TCP Modbus
•  USB port
• integrated PLC
• Fieldbus options : Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet and Ethernet IP


1Commercial documentation

STANLEY Alpha V « QBE » controller an E tools catalog – DOC.60296

Stop estimating your torque, measure it!
ATC and POKA-YOKE mode
“ATB” functionality and software
Alpha V standard controller
Communication and connection
Alpha V Advanced controller
Communication and connection
Alpha V Expert and Node
Technical feature
Bit socket tray and accessories
Portable E tools
E straight screwdriver
E pistol screwdriver
E angled screwdriver
E retractable axial spindle MB_F screwdriver
E retractable offset spindle MD_F screwdriver
Cable selection
E screwdriver cable
Specific screwdriver
Mounting and tightening option for E tools
Special application

Download the file in pdf


Gateway software for Alpha V QBE controllers

File :5.2.17_gateway.exe

Download the file in zip