Assembly technology

XS-40D controller

XS-40D controller

Code 4-1040065

For GX, GX-G, GX...FS 30 and 40 volts screwdrivers
Thanks to the unique SMPS technology (switching modulation), the connected screwdriver always delivers constant rotation speed and fastening force even for demanding fastening process (self-tapping tightening, soft joint, etc.).


Light and compact
Built-in Over heat and Over Current protection prevent the screwdriver from damage or bad use
Maintenance free
Easy monitoring of your fastenings thanks to torque reached signal output, start and stop signal outputs, selectable softstart, screwdriver lock signal input for PLC (prevents screwdrivers activation until PLC input signal)


1Commercial documentation

Electric screwdrivers - DOC.60207

DC controlled screwdrivers HD series
DC Controlled screwdrivers SD Series
GX series brushless
GX-G series
GY series
GX FS... series
GX...BT series
DO series
GA series
Scout Poka Yoke

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2Technical documentation


Part list & exploded view - Brushless electric tools GX-FS serie - DOC.60348

1. GX-FS 60,80,120,180
2. GX-FS 60,80,120,180

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Part list & exploded view - Brushless electric tools GX-H serie - DOC.60346

1. GXA 150, 220, 450 -H
2. GXA 150P, 220P, 450P -H
3. GX 150P, 220P, 450P -H
4. GX/GXS 150, 220 -H

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Part list & exploded view - Brushless electric tools GX30V serie - DOC.60339

1. GX35, 45
2. GXA 35, 45
3. GX 80, 120, 80P, 120P
4. GXS/GXT 80, 120
5. GXA 80, 120

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XS-40D XS-40D FA controller instructions manual - MU.60127

General safety rules
Specific safety rules
Electric specification
Mechanical specification
Pin configuration of output
Selectable OUTPUT voltage
Over current protection, over heat protection and reset
Interface with XS-40D controller
Interface with XS-40D FA controller

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