Assembly technology

HDC controller

HDC controller

This controller can be programmed by software or directly on the front panel. It drives Hybrid multi-torque screwdrivers and is power and air operated.

Product description

Job parameters: torque, speed, angle, soft start, torque tunning in 8 preset numbers
Job selection: front panel button / 25P I/O interface / F1 button on the driver
Torque calibration: from -20% to +20%
Auto detection of the connected driver: auto detection of the offset value from the EEP-rom inside the driver
Error display: error display by code no. in system, communication & pattern error group
Fastening quality control: OK/NOK monitoring of screw fastening by preset pattern of angles, times
Screw counter: save the total screw number, and monitor the number of OK fastenings
Monitoring and parameter: Monitoring and parameter settings on PC program (MS Windows base)
Communication port: USB or RS232C (option)
Built in counter program: 8 counting programs, 20 screws per program, auto-sequencing of fastening strategies

HDC-40i model for HD 40V
Code: 4-1042211
Electric input: AC120VC ou AC220V, 50~60 Hz/0,5 A
Air pressure input: Min 5 bar/Max 6,5 bar
Electric output: DC 40 V 3A
Fuse: AC 250 V 10 A
Dimension/weight: 97(w) 222(d) 129(h) mm / 2,1Kg

HDC-35i model for HD 35 V
Code: 4-1041801
Input: AC120VC ou AC220V, 50~60 Hz/2,5 A
Air pressure input: Min 5 bar / Max 6,5 bar
Electric output: DC 35 V 3A
Fuse: AC 250 V 5 A
Dimension/weight: 104(w) 226,4(d) 144(h) mm / 2,6 Kg

Accessories delivered with the controller:
Driver cable 3M: code 4-1042205
USB com cable: code 4-1042213
Air filter
Air hose

Sequencing and process monitoring interface