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Back in pictures on this robotic application bringing complete optimization of an electric case assembly process


Our customer has considerably increased his productivity thanks to a fastening DOGA | ASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGY solution.


Conception of an industrial solution integrating:

  • A collaborative robot Universal Robots.
  • DOGA fastening package with an MDA torque and angle controlled spindle with its MDC26 controller.
  • An automatic screw feeding system DOGA - DMS series.

✅ Productivity
o    Strong increase of production rate
o    Automation of non-value added tasks
✅ Quality
o    Guaranteed torque applied
o    Traceability managed by the DOGA fastening package
o    No more risk of human error
✅ Ergonomics
o    Workstation fully automated


There are many solutions to optimise a fastening process and our project unit of customized solutions CELPRO team is never short of solutions to answer your problematics.


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