Assembly technology

Test joints

Test joints

Used with static or dynamic torque sensors, simulators make it possible to reproduce the assembly conditions of off-line materials. They are adjustable to meet the elasticity conditions specified by ISO 8393.


  • Reproduces precisely the elasticity characteristics of the materials to be assembled specified in ISO 5393
  • Usable with static or dynamic torque sensors
  • Different models depending on the operating torque

Product description

The simulators will allow you to perform a torque check on your tightening equipment in offline mode, while reproducing the production conditions.
The simulators must be adapted to the type of tightening done (dynamic or static) as well as the torque ranges to be controlled.
• Simulators for square ¼ '' for torque from 5.6 Nm (elastic) to 28.25 Nm (free)
• Simulators for square 3/8 '' for a torque of 67 Nm (elastic) to 100 Nm (free)
• Simulators for square 1/2 '' for torque from 135 Nm (elastic) to 271 Nm (free)
• Simulators for square 3/4 '' for torque from 460 Nm (elastic) to 1017 Nm (free)
• Simulators for square 1 '' for torque from 847 Nm (elastic) to 1695 Nm (free)


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1Commercial documentation

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