Assembly technology

Standard and special impact sockets

Standard and special impact sockets

Available in 1/4" to 2½" drive squares, impact sockets are designed for the most extreme uses of torque and speed. The square drive transmits all power to the tool while preserving socket life expectancy.

Product description

Available in a large number of versions, each application finds its socket or accessory.

Customized sockets
We have the experience and ability to produce special sockets.
In order to ensure efficient assembly and apply a precise torque during your specific assembly operations, we offer assistance to determine the size of your sockets and we customize them.
- Dimensional feasibility study of your sockets
- Sizing of your sockets according to the torque expected
- Prototyping
- Manufacture without a minimum number required
- Appropriate heat treatments


1Commercial documentation


Catalogue - Douilles à choc et accessoires - DOC.40238

  • Normales / Longues
  •  Magnétiques/ Torx®
  • Empreinte 6-Pans
  • 12-Pans
  • Surface Drive
  • Paroi mince
  • Triple carré / Profil Ribe
  • Cardan 6-Pans
  • Douilles guidées
  • Jeux douilles à choc
  • Couple / Adaptateurs
  • Rallonges
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