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Transducerized battery screwdrivers BMT series: a new deal on the market!


Combination of total mobility and increased tightening accuracy is now possible thanks to our innovative range of transducerized battery screwdrivers BMT series.

  • Autonomy: battery with greater life time.
  • Modularity: multi torques, up to 15 fastening presets and 4 ways of programming including one directly on the screwdriver thanks to its embedded digital display.
  • Ergonomics: light and optimized balanced tool for operator’s comfort.
  • Tightening quality: many different tightening strategies to meet your assembly constraints.
  • Industry40: WiFi communication, multi-tool management, tightening operations sequencing with process visualisation and traceability thanks to the Paramon Pro X controller.

Check out our new video to discover everything about this range!
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